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As engineers, we're often bound to the structures already laid before us, refining and extending the legacy of prior innovation. Recall the moments when engineering dreams became realities - personal computers turning homes into tech hubs, the internet reshaping global communication, mobile technology making access ubiquitous, and cloud computing transforming data storage and sharing.

Today, we stand on the edge of a similar precipice, a disruption as profound as those before. The rise of machine intelligence promises to redefine our world, the subtle hum of binary thought growing louder each day.

Join us, and find yourself in the company of researchers, hackers, and tinkerers who are painting the future landscape of technology. Lend your expertise to this vibrant, burgeoning field and help us shape the rise of machine intelligence, pushing the boundaries of what's considered possible. Together, we can build the groundbreaking digital assistant of tomorrow, catalyzing a revolution in how we interact with technology.

Founding Engineer - Electron/ChromiumAs a founding engineer, you will play a crucial role in shaping the heart of our products. If you're excited by the potential of transforming the online experience, and can navigate the complexities of an Electron.js or Chromium environment, we'd love to hear from you. Learn more
Founding DesignerA beautiful product doesn't just craft an experience, it tells a story, it forms the heart and soul of a brand. If you're passionate about designing at this level, we’d love to hear from you to bring our vision to life. Learn more
General ApplicationIf you share our passion for building exceptional AI driven products and want to be part of a dynamic and highly motivated team, we would love to hear from you! Even if you don't see a role that perfectly matches your experience, feel free to apply here and we’ll reach out if we find a good role for you! Learn more