about us

The recent rise in the field of machine learning, pioneered by large transformer models, is set to radically transform the world as we know it. As we stand on the brink of a new era, our society is being reshaped by technologies that were once the stuff of science fiction.

Our ambition is to construct powerful, smart, and amicable AI assistants, designed to empower individuals and communities. Rather than creating mere tools, we're dedicated to building companions; friendly, intuitive, and capable of understanding and learning from you. These aren't simply next-generation AI assistants, they represent the stepping stones towards a greater general intelligence.

We believe the best shell for these assistants to be housed in is the browser. While browsers have seen improvements in speed, security, and design, their fundamental interaction paradigm has remained largely unchanged since the 90s. Most browsers function as simple windows for accessing web content, relying on search engines to find and organize information. Although the browsing experience has become more polished, it is still limited in terms of personalization, collaboration, and overall efficiency.

The integration of powerful AI into browsers has the potential to revolutionize the way we interact with the internet. By embedding intelligent algorithms and advanced machine learning models, browsers could become more like magical portals. They could transform into adaptive, personalized, and proactive agents that assist users throughout their online journey and don't just respond to commands, but also anticipate needs and facilitate decision-making. AI-driven browsers could provide enhanced search capabilities, expert assistance, and accessibility features, redefining the internet experience.

It's a really exciting time to building in this space, paticularly with the rise of open source modes running on consumer hardware, democratising this technology to all. In this rapidly evolving landscape, we aim to be a beacon in human computer interaction, driven by the mission to not just keep pace with this technological revolution, but to lead it.